Re: Re: UKIP Britains second political party?



Mostly people lived in Spain illegally before the EU. You may have been an exception but consider the hassle for those who would need to re-register as an alien.

Free healthcare for the retired will be ended. It’s impossible to get private healthcare after 65 in Spain or for pre-existing conditions.

The EU charging order is the principal tool used currently by communities to recover their debts. It’s a thriving business for UK debt collectors and has recovered thousands of Euros.

Government and state pensions are transferred to EU countries in Euros without charge.

The contribution costs to the EU are small beer compared to the likely loss of world wide UK investment because of UK membership.

Actually Katy you may know I detest all things EU and Euro as they are currently constructed. However leaving it is not the answer. Changing it is and how can the UK influence that outside it?

UKIP have no useful answer to that.