Re: Re: UKIP Britains second political party?



There are many different ways into the US, but to post about them here would not be sensible.

Anyway, Eastleigh was a blip, my lot still won despite all their problems, and the UKIP voters merely wanted to remind the boys from Eton not to get too big for their boots.

And it reminded a million expats that their life in Spain will always depend on circumstances beyond their control, politics and business.

Perhaps I’m wrong about politics, all of us still have the vote in the UK and if the UKIP vote got too strong, we would all vote against them, because we hate them, they want to get us thrown out of Spain, the horrible sods.

But our main worry is the exchange rate, most of us could possibly live with parity, but not too much below that level and the pound Sterling has been falling for many years.