Re: Re: UKIP Britains second political party?


Interesting behavior of the ignore function. If you are not logged-in, you see everything (of course). But if you log-in after going to a forum, regardless if you read anything or not, you get a message that there is a post from someone on your ignore list – and an offer to read it. Very civilized.

Regarding Jake’s most recent post my only observation is this: 100% of the time, those who are the most homophobic among us turn out to be gay, especially true of politicians and clergy. Jake is “single” and lives with his mother, and he is obsessed with gay men – he seems to more about them that I do. And like every other gay man I know, he too is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.

Draw your own conclusions.

Regarding coming to the US, it is incredibly difficult. My then partner (now husband) and I tried to get him immigration status with the US and after talking with about a dozen different lawyers, we gave up. It does look like the US is going to make legal same-sex marriages and that mean easier immigration, but we’ll evaluate that option when the time comes.