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If you sell your semi in Gravesend, the proceeds will allow you to legally enter the US. You need to buy a small business, perhaps a gun shop in San Diego, a brothel in Nevada or a street of houses in Detroit, all of which will leave you with change from selling your semi in Kent.


We own a home in Florida do you think we haven’t looked at every angle. Owning property is not an entry. Yes you can buy a business, th visa is never permanent. Initially you may be given a3 year visa, 5 years if lucky…that is the pattern for the rest of your life.Those renewals soon come round. Who would want to live like that where residency is only as good as the business and you can never sell it or retire or you are out. If you don’t believe me have a long, long read at Florida forums.

I believe every word you’ve said, and I’ve been there myself, still am in most respects, but my business has now been online for many years, and has caused me no end of trouble with the IRS, I think that’s what they call it, the tax people.

I feel safer in Spain, like you I’ve lived here for ages, and when I think of ever having to leave I consider what I would miss most.

I could replicate the sun, I could replicate the blue Mediterranean, I could replicate the culture and even the scenery.

After a visit to the dentist two days ago, I arranged to meet my wife in a tiny Spanish cafe after she went shopping. While waiting for her I sipped my strong coffee and watched my fellow coffee sippers, four Spanish ladies discussing their children, a couple of grumpy Spanish elders discussing football, and a pair of illicit lovers holding hands while cheating on their spouses.

I can’t replicate Spanish people should I have to leave, and it worries me.