Re: Re: UKIP Britains second political party?



Logan –

UKIP Britains second political party?

Of course not, I suspect you know that very well yourself. It is a mid-term protest vote. Come the general election people will revert, as they always do, to the mainstream parties. Single issue groupings, such as UKIP, tend to get marginised. That said, last nights result does not bode well for the Conservatives prospects next time.

Itsme –

Could Britain not link up with Ireland and the rest of the commonwealth again?

At the risk of sounding insulting, such thoughts are simplistic and naive. The commonwealth, as a trading entity, was in its death throes when the UK joined the Common Market. The few member countries, such as New Zealand, who still believed in it at the time felt betrayed. They have since found their way elsewhere and would never revert to the old status quo.

Ireland always has been and still is generally pro-European. If the UK leaves the EU it will do so alone. If fact Ireland has already done very well, thank you, from the UK’s long track record of Euro scepticism. Many multinationals, looking for a European base in an English speaking country, have chosen Ireland in part because it is fully committed to staying in the club.

This article was published in the NL a few weeks ago, afer Cameron made his ‘referendum’ speach. Bear in mind that it is written by two former cabinet ministers of a country which is generally regarded in the UK as being more aligned to its own views. Some of the opinions expressed make interesting reading.

Many member states think of the UK as a bit of a pain in the European backside. It is always trying not to do as others do, often with success.

I am not saying that I agree with everything argued here, far from it. That said, when it comes to the prospect of leaving the EU, a bit like when people considered the break up of the Euro, I suspect people will look over the precipice, not like what they see and pull back.