Re: Re: UKIP



In Sweden they have tried to brand UKIP as a neo-nazi party but it has mostly failed. They have tried to do the same with the Swedish Democrats that is sort of a leftwing party coupled with a detest for immigration which in all honesty suits that “stamp” better. That’s what you get when you don’t listen to the populace views about immigration and the need to make reforms. UKIP have quite a lot of things I like with them but as with any new parties lots of weirdos fill up the ranks early on that the party officials needs to sort out. Happens with any new party.

The mainstream parties plus the media always try to brand any party that wants to reform immigration policies as neo-nazi. Farage is a strong supporter of the free market and looking after the UK best interest which I applaud him for.

What most western democracies fail to understand that it’s impossible to have a well functioning welfare state coupled with the idea of multi-culturalism. You can’t have both.