Re: Re: UK election – the aftermath


All MP’s a lying crooks. we know that; the Telegraph has had the entire details for a year now.

So why, after eight years of this being ‘common knowledge’ has it allowed the Telegraph to remove him from a position in government?

Well, according to the Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is running a campaign calling on the Government to protect the savings of small investors and ordinary second-home owners from any rise in CGT.

Note that there are only 250k second home owners in the UK.

So, in order to protect tax break given by vote-buying-Labour (and in contrast to the previous Tory government who increase CGT) the Telegraph is a systematically making personal attacks on Lib-Dem MPs in order to force them to change their core coalition policy.
I wonder how many other MP’s are being blackmailed as well? Note that the replacement, Danny Alexander, hasn’t actually done anything wrong but still they pick him out for special treatment.

Pretty disgusting tactics – they are effectively demanding a tax rise for the vast majority of the population instead and using blackmail to do it.