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We need to somehow stop single mothers, just out of school, from having baby after baby with different indifferent fathers and moving into welfare funded homes to live on welfare for the rest of their lives.

Sterilization? Or more radical? 🙄

If the teenage mothers were living at home when they became pregnant then their families, and those of the father..if known 🙄 .. should have to provide for the grandchild and mother until the mother is able to do something more productive within the community than beget more offspring. Perhaps this will make people more responsible.
Child allowance should only be paid for the first 2 children because all the initially expensive necessary equipement, that is never worn out, has been paid for.

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We need to stop the work-shy from living comfortably on welfare payments with all sorts of lame excuses to drag their laziness out for years, if not their entire lives.

First create jobs for them. In North-West there are no jobs.
UK government has to use this painful period in order to boost the real economy, not the one where people sell houses to each other and everybody feels rich…

No-one can create jobs out of thin air but all but the most disabled unemployed should assist in the vast voluntary sector in their communities in order to get their beer/drug (oops sorry) 😉 ‘dole’ money.
This at least would give some work experience not to mention a feeling of worth. And as volunteers don’t get paid this wouldn’t tread on the toes of any union .

Councils should tighten up on housing and council tax benefit. Unless there would be desparate overcrowding then close relatives, for perhaps a small increment, should house those who otherwise would be homeless.
Plus ALL benefit ,or indeed, any fraudsters whenever possible should pay back at least threefold what has been scammed.
Signing over assets to other family members should be deemed illegal.

Well that’s my rant over 😉 .