Re: Re: UK election – the aftermath


Re. the new cabinet formed to try and deal with this absolute pig-sty of a mess Labour have left, I am somewhat bewildered at one appointment – that of the Lib’s Chris Huhne as Energy & Climate Change Secretary.

He will need to deal with UK’s second biggest urgent problem after the economy. If this problem isn’t adddressed in the right way, UK could be playing snakes&ladders by candlelight instead of watching their plasma screens in years to come.

Chris Huhne is a staunch supporter of wind farms who has often clashed with the Tories over their determination for the construction of nuclear power stations. When in opposition, he always ferverently opposed this solution to our energy needs.

The coalition agreement between the parties will allow him to publicly oppose nuclear power. 😕

So Katy, in answer to your question as to why Cameron was so generous re. terms of the coalition, on reflection I’m wondering now if the deal was made extra sweet in the hope that the Libs will toe the line and not cause waves. However I fear for troubled waters ahead the more I think about it.