Re: Re: UK election – the aftermath



I’m not so sure if it will be anytime soon. I feel the two parties are outwardly putting a positive glow on these negotiations to help maintain confidence in the markets.

The likes of Simon Hughes keeps banging on about PR, PR, PR being THE priority like a rabid dog. It’s about time the Libs should just feel pleased they could come out of this with maybe four cabinet ministers – not bad for a party who polled third of the three main parties.
To me it proves that the hierachy of the Libs is still party first, country second – they should belt up and let Clegg come to a swift solid agreement with the Tories so minds can be concentrated on tackling the financial crisis.

And anyway, who said the country necessarily agrees with them that PR should be the way to go? A referendum on that would be interesting.
I doubt the ramblings of Simon Hughes et al are doing PR any favours if this is the way they behave in a ‘negotiation’ situation. “If we can’t have our way, then we’re not going to play anymore”.