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I think the way this government has gone about qualifying the axing of child benefit to higher rate tax payers is diabolical. It has been unfairly assessed. It should be based on income per household. HMG have access to the top financial experts. Please don’t tell me , that between them they could not come up with a way of doing this! 😯 Every household who have children eligible for child benefit, should declare the joint income of the parents/guardians, when completing a tax return. Self employed people will find a way around their declared income, it’s not difficult!

On the radio yesterday, someone called in to say that a salary of £44,000 was not a huge salary for anyone living in the South-East. Housing and the general cost of living is higher here than in many other parts of the UK. Many families have to budget to the last penny and losing CB WILL make a difference to them. I fear that the children will suffer longer term. For example, have you seen the price of children’s shoes? 😯 I can buy shoes for myself cheaper!

I accept there is an urgent need to get us back in the black, but there are plenty of other places to look first. How about paying ZERO benefits to ALL immigrants until they have contributed to the system for at least 5 years?

Unless they sort out a fairer way of paying out the CB, then I for one, will not be voting for the Conservatives again.