Re: Re: U.S. investor Wilbur Ross likely to buy Spanish assets


@angie wrote:

My money’s on the IMF forecast 😉

Marcos, what sort of business interests you in Spain and if you did invest would you then make your long awaited move there, ie purchase a business and a property in Madrid or Valencia, did you visit Malaga recently as you said that was also interesting you? 🙄

Angie, I’m hardly going to let you (or more importantly anyone reading here) know what I’m looking into, am I? Last thing I need is competition bidding up the asking price. However I will state that one is a mainly terrestial business (although expanding into the web) that would need me to be present in Spain – the other is a mainly web based biz that can be run from anywhere. I’m not saying either is anywhere near definite yet, and a lot will depend on the asking price.

Incidentally I’ve recently become aware of the MAB (mercado alternativo bursatil). Always a risk with that type of investment (let’s face it all shares are, and these are small-caps companies). But it seems that a company on there, Gowex (a company I’ve noted on Twitter and in web articles), has increased share value by 157% this year!!! A lost opportunity… 🙁 From now on i’m going to pay attention to the likes of @juanst