Re: Re: Turning point?


When people in the future look back and analyse the “Spanish economic miracle 2013-17” they will ask, how did (nearly) everyone miss the signs?

i) The preceding crisis creates opportunities. Add in the fact that tech knowledge and low cost startups are available to everyone, then many talented Spanish will (and have already) taken advantage, Also…

ii) The Spanish are in an ideal situation to exploit both the English and Spanish-speaking worlds (ie a large part of the planet). Although probably unknown to most posters here, there are Spanish start-ups already growing quickly internationally, some examples being Privalia, Boda-click, Akamon, Twissues, SocialBro, MeTheOne, minube, BrainSins, Digital Legends, Softonic, Zinkia, Fon and Red Karaoke. There will be many many more.

iii) The US market recovering, that will boost the whole world

iv) Even at the low point of the biggest depression since the 30s, the numbers of tourists visiting Spain held up. These numbers will grow further as other economies turn the corner.

v) Again, even despite the woes of the western economies, Spanish exports have grown considerably over the last few years. Spanish businessmen have got the bit between their teeth.

vi) The 160k residency measure, will help to firm up the property market. However, because of the numbers of unsold properties, we won’t see a major increase in house prices – this is a good thing and will enable growth in the economy.

vii) As companies look for low-cost countries to carry out business in Europe, they will return to Spain eg Ford to increase production by 80% in Valencia Other big players will invest more and more in Spain eg Warren Buffet and JP Morgan

As for Spain, Morgan Stanley explained that its “strategy advisers have highlighted Spain as one of the potential surprises in 2013, along other peripheral euro country members.” Spain has been upgraded on economy rankings to the second position–only behind Switzerland–, its best marks since the third quarter of 2009.

viii) Telefonica will be the next Apple, with their plans to expoit big data and mCommerce channels.