Re: Re: Turning point?



For the bottom of any market to be reached there must be a corresponding turn in the fortunes of that commodity or the economics of the country creating demand. Apples, pears, equities or property it’s all the same.

If that turn in fortune can be detected then prices stop falling, usually stay static and then move north. Sometimes it happens very quickly. Mostly it’s a slow, grinding process. I have seen many recessions come and go in my lifetime. This one is the worst in three or four generations.

I see no sign of any turn, green shoots, call it what you may. I see a worsening economic situation everywhere. So in my view the bottom of Spanish property has some way yet to sink. You can always find examples of stuff selling. That does not mean an overall change in fortunes. It’s just right place right time for an individual

I like anyone else have no idea if or when the property market will turn in Spain. Perhaps it never will. Folks like to speculate but it’s all my eye and Peggy Martin. 🙂