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Never said anything wasn’t true.

Thank you Katy.
And yes, there will be bad news even when the economy turns the corner. Just as some people do well in hard times.
Edit: the link you give is about November traffic. I’m surprised there is much traffic at all at this time of year, and no surprise that figures are down for this month as a consequence of the rain and floods – remember those? But if you believe those figures are valid, are you also willing to believe the total figures for the year?

Mainly November traffc but note the last para

En lo que va de año, cabe destacar que la terminal malagueña superó los doce millones de pasajeros, pese a lo que supone un 1,8% menos que en los once primeros meses de 2011.

Briefly Málaga had 1,8% less passengers for the first 11 months of the year.