Re: Re: Turning point?


@katy wrote:

DBmarcos I wish I had a euro for everytime you link that dubious corner website on the fora 😆 😆 😆

I wish I had a penny for every snipe from you that didn’t give any supporting links, facts or genuine evidence. Very noticeable that you focus on one link I gave (and not the others) and also fail to produce anything that disproves what that article states. – Shall we take it that the whole article is correct and reflects the reality, since you fail dismally to disprove anything the writer says? 😆 btw – the writer I understand is a freelance writer and economist, Andrew Pollen, from the US, so even your xenophobic attitude (“I don’t trust Spanish writers”) is inappropriate.

Here’s the link again Katy. Care to show which word, sentence, paragraph or statement is incorrect? No? Didin’t think so… 😆