Re: Re: Turning point?


@Rocker wrote:

Let me give you some advice, Logan, and there is nothing malicious in my intention. I noticed that you put a fellow member on your foe list, Marcus or something, because he or she had the temerity to post good news about Spain, which you obviously didn’t want to hear.

Apart from thinking that it’s a ridiculous thing to do for a supposedly educated man, almost on a par with insulting another member by using terms like wet dreams and balls, you were also wrong to do it in the first place.

That same Marcus posted something extremely important for a supposed investor like yourself, but you wouldn’t have read it because he’s on your foe list. To help you out, here’s what he posted.

The Spanish stock market has grown by 30% since June this year. Now, because of your foolishness, you missed that important bit of news. For an investor to miss out on something like that borders on the criminal.

Let me give you some more advice, from me then. I believe the turning point has been reached by the Spanish stock market, I’m late with the advice because the turning point came in June and I missed it. However, I believe it will keep on rising next year.

You are gonna have to stop latching on to posts that seem positive. no way has the spanish stocks climbed 30%. Do you know anything about shares…did you know that in 2007 the IBEX was over 15,000…whats the turning point…it goes up a couple of hundred and falls couple of hundred 🙄