Re: Re: Turning point?


😉 Flosmichael.

Loads of well educated Spaniards are emigrating too, lots going to UK and taking all that expertise with them 🙄

Back to Putin, good example Rocker says 😆

Putin owns 20 villas and palaces, 4 grand yachts, 58 aircraft one with a $75,000 toilet, funds a $2.5 billion a year lifestyle etc etc, and his villa in La Zagaleta is costing $15 million dollars and comes with a huge bunker, he will be neighbours with various celebrities and also with many other renowned criminals who hide up there.

Now, I don’t say this but many others do, all of the above has been funded with State Funds.

Hm, just the sort of good example (and what Spain needs badly) to set to other Russians thinking of going to Spain 😆