Re: Re: Turning point?



@shakeel wrote:

@rocker. You go to war than once the objective is acheived you call a halt to it & Biongo you get a Nobrel peace prize. You should grow old & cynical like me. It is fun believe me.

You might be surprised how close I am to that stage, but at the moment the optimism has just got the upper hand over the cynicism.

We’ve done the big Christmas shop today, three Spanish supermarkets to get the best out of their different specialities. I don’t want to keep it a secret, Consum, Carrefour and Mercadona in that order.

I’m ashamed of the next bit, maybe. After Mercadona, she went to the Chino next door for a curtain rail. While I sat in the car, yet another beggar approached with a board proclaiming that he had two children to support, along with pictures of them.

I was going to send him packing, but the Christmas spirit suddenly came over me. I called him back and ‘interrogated’ him, in case he was yet another Rumanian gippo liar.

He wasn’t, sounded genuine and I gave him two Euros. I had already given two Euros to an accordion player outside Consum.

I don’t think I’m off topic, not too much anyway, today was a turning point for me, last year I was only giving out single Euros.

Anyway, if the Mayan calendar is correct, all of us only have a few hours left.