Re: Re: Turning point?


I agree with a number of you that the EU agreement/architects did not bring Peace, but there can be no argument that it is a brilliant enabler of future peace.

I think the main EU group would have never ever gone to war again (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Lux, Switzerland, Belg) due to numerous items. But NATO has kind of guaranteed that;
– None of the European countries have a force to sustain anything, let alone against each other
– They are permanently training and coordinating together (everything Navy, Air force, Army)
– They share bases, equipment and technology

I do not think the same guarantee extends to the newer and future states however and that is why I think the EU needs some credit here. We need these new countries on a more accelerated interconnective path, to make up for the last 50 years the core group had.

First for the inter twinned job prosperity (manufacturing plants spread throughout Europe where they all depend on each other), second the cross boarder mobility and the mixing of cultures and last the direct cross boarder investment (who wants to bomb their summer house and or your neighbors there)

Ok you miserable bunch of skeptics, enjoy your coal! 😀