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I should have written Thorbjørn Jagland as the man responsible for the prize being awarded to the EU. Apologies.

You will see that when Nobel who died in 1896 Sweden and Norway were essentially the same country.
It is unclear why Nobel wished the Peace Prize to be administered in Norway, which was ruled in union with Sweden at the time of Nobel’s death. The Norwegian Nobel Committee speculates that Nobel may have considered Norway better suited to awarding the prize, as it did not have the same militaristic traditions as Sweden. It also notes that at the end of the 19th century, the Norwegian parliament had become closely involved in the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s efforts to resolve conflicts through mediation and arbitration.

Aid from The Marshall Plan was indeed given to the whole of Western Europe by the USA at the end of the war. However it’s great success was in modernising West Germany’s devastated industrial capacity from 1945 onward.

Thanks for that, Logan. It’s mostly my fault because for some reason, of late, I’ve developed an aversion for googling.

I avidly watch the news, read newspapers, mostly online, and I’ve always been a fervent book reader, but I’m totally fed up looking up something, anything on Google. I’m put off by the self-serving advertising and the trillions of pages of absolute rubbish online, a lot of it dangerous stuff indeed.

For commercial reasons I have a web presence and belong to several media sites because of it, and it’s turned into a real pain for most of the time. Logging into something like Facebook has turned into a nightmare which I try to turn into an only once a week event, thousands of daft posts just to find the few that I actually want to reply to.

And if I get another Kindle or iPad for Christmas, I’m going to take a hammer to them.