Re: Re: Turning point?


The anti-Euro (the currency) debate has been raging for the past 20 years. I’ve lived in Spain for that time and followed it from the sidelines, which is not strictly true because when the Peseta went, much to my disgust, I started to lose money on my British earnings. I’m down around 30% since then. My Spanish earnings went down too, but for other reasons.

Obviously, it the UK votes Out from the EU altogether, I would have to leave Spain, and so would several hundred thousand others; possibly close to a million Brits would be homeward bound.

Not only for personal reasons, I believe the UK would be badly affected if it left the EU; the sensible reasons have been discussed here and elsewhere many times and only the staunch nationalists refuse to understand the obvious logic behind such a disastrous move.

But nationalists seem to be making a comeback all across Europe, maybe they’re fed up with 60 years of peace and it makes me sad when I hear them complaining about the Nobel peace prize going to the EU. What would they prefer? Another war?

The nationalist Catalonians, the Basques, the NPD in Germany, the similar mob in Hungary (I don’t know what they’re called), Le Pen’s mob in France, UKIP and the BNP in our pleasant land; all want to go back to the caves, blue eyes versus brown eyes, Protestants versus Catholics, Christians versus Muslims.

We won’t get another Peace Prize, that’s for sure.