Re: Re: Turning point?


@dartboy wrote:

spainish tourist trade has only held up for a couple of reasons

1 the recession means people cannot afford exotic holidays so go to spain
2 the unrest in other areas has meant people haven’t risked going there and gone to spain instead.

Could be although flights to USA and Caribbean are full. Spanish Stats say tourism is up but the method of collecting those stats is suspect, mainly bums on seats πŸ™„ Locally at least, people in MΓ‘laga and Murcia region many are saying it has been a quiet year. Perhaps it has held up in Madrid and Barcelona which caters for stag and hen do’s. If tourism is doing so well why are many of the flagship Paradors closing down for 5 months (plus many more hotels) and some 5 or 7 Paradors closing down for good πŸ˜• Forgive my scepticism but the last 2 years Spain claimed tourism was up but somehow turned into a fall in the new year!

All this talk about the Russians has been repeated for at least 5 years. Yes they are more visible in tourist spots around he world. Friends who went to Crete this summer said it was full of Russians, lots in Florida too…don’t see those countries looking at them as a saviour to the property crash πŸ˜•