Re: Re: Turning point?



By coincidence I received this from one of my investment advisers this morning. I’m reproducing a section of it here.
UK. Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated his stance that Britain should remain outside of the Eurozone on Friday, stating that: “we are in a position to maximise what we want from Europe”. Cameron argued that the Euro project has created a multifaceted Europe, which will come good eventually: “I believe what you’ll see is a growth of this multifaceted Europe, and we should see it as a strength”. Although the Prime Minister sustained his opposition to Britain joining the single currency he maintained his belief that the UK should remain in the European Union, which, on the whole, was interpreted as mildly positive by investors as it reduced the probability of further political discord.

Not any hint of a referendum but most analysts see an announcement coming soon. ‘Multifaceted Europe’ is a straw blowing in the wind which DC is desperately trying to grab.