Re: Re: Turning point?



I have already stated I believe the Euro is a flawed currency and investing in it carries unacceptable risk. I also believe the EU is an undemocratic entity which is long overdue for reform.

Further integration of Euro-land states and a banking union will not fix the undeniable weakness of the system. That is entirely differing prevailing economic conditions especially in the peripheral states.

Spain, Greece, Portugal and now Slovenia are moving backwards in economic terms just because they are in Euro-land and stuck with policies which suit Germany and France alone.

What I am defending is the European single market principal. It used to be called the common market. That is what the British signed up for in the original referendum back in 1973 with a majority vote of 67% in favour.

The great political mistake for Britain was signing the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 which created the EU and the Euro.

The EU and it’s federalist politicians have ever since Maastricht, relentlessly morphed the common market into a Frankenstein super state.

They now have Britain over a barrel. If the UK wants to be part of the single market the country has to accept all the attendant consequences of membership. Loss of sovereignty and a weakening of it’s own parliament and law making process.

In my opinion the situation should never have been allowed to reach this stage. Now it’s only a choice left of in or out. Either one has many future negative consequences for Britain. If the new referendum takes place I have no doubt the British will vote to leave and who could blame them. However I believe it will prove to be a huge mistake.