Re: Re: Translation Required



heres the thing katy-

got burned the first time
now looking for a longer term lifestyle choice over 20 years
im 51!!!
my rates plus heating here in UK are about £400/ mth
yes you do learn from the past but its soooo expensive to live in the UK
at 30k to 50k euros surely a property in spain easily pays for itself given day to day living costs differential

im glad you remember my loss on La Rinconada- it was a sad day but I needed the funds at that time so had to liquidate at whatever cost.

now a bit older , wiser and to be honest whilst I cited the mijas example above, Inow prefer the canaries for the all year round sunshine. yes theres a lot of rubbish out there but a few gems are lurking around- the costa del sol is as cheap as chips now – how on earth any one can sell ‘normally’ with such discounts on bank repos I have no idea