Re: Re: Trampolin Hills Manager (Antonio Martinez) jailed



logan: The problem with this development wasn’t that prospective buyers were naive or gullable but that they were lied to by their agents & the developer & let down by their lawyers.

The developer supplied bank guarantees, the problem however, is that the BG supplied was issued by a company not licensed to issue a BG in Spain, why wasn’t that picked up by the lawyers?

There was no planning permission for this development, but the appropriate paperwork was supplied. Why wasn’t this picked up by the lawyers?

Mortgages were granted, by Cam Bank amongst others. Why didn’t the banks check that the development was legal?

In at least one case, TH have sold the same house twice, & both buyers have mortgages with Cam Bank!

The buyers on this development did everything they should have done, they instructed lawyers, they made sure that they got a BG, they saw all the paperwork relating to building licenses etc, but they were LIED to & badly let down by the professionals employed to work on their behalf.

This is more than a clever salesman dazzling a naive buyer on an inspection trip, this was a very professional fraud involving the developer, lawyers, banks & the local mayor (who worked as a salesman for the developer).