Re: Re: Top 10 happiest cities in the world


Thanks mg! San Francisco is one of the most quirky places in the world. We are open-minded and mostly tolerant.

In the 1800’s a young, wealthy businessman lost all of his wealth and eventually went crazy. He declared himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. Instead of rejecting him, he was embraced by San Franciscans. He dined in fine restaurants, with the meals being paid for by others. He lived well and became a beloved crazy mascot.

When he died, more than 30,000 attended his funeral, which, considering that the total population of SF was only 230,000, was a lot of people.

To this day, the spirit of Emperor Norton lives on. Google, Twitter, the bio-medical industry (supported by taxpayers – we voted to invest) and other industries have relocated to this small, 49 square mile patch of land. The influx of money does transform the city.

But the City changes all who are lucky enough to move here.