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Fuengi (Andrew)

@calpespain wrote:

The author of the book “Currency Wars” James Rickards is about to publish a new book in April called “The Death of Money” in which he predicts the coming collapse of the international fiat paper monetary system.

I personally do not have the back ground to be able to argue the gentlemans points, quite honestly. But I find it funny that a man who is predicting the impending collapse of our monetary systems is looking a selling this book. Might as well offer it for free online, as any money is makes is going to be part of the ‘international fiat paper monetary system’

@GarySFBCN wrote:

If you believe that crap, why are you focused upon a forum about Spanish real estate? Shouldn’t you be in survivalist mode, planning for global calamity, stockpiling tins of meat and water?

What every man needs to survive the coming calamity