Re: Re: Time for a “time out.”……….


“Whilst I agree and support your comments, I dont consider being likened to Mugabe as “petty squabling” and something the forum owner sees no broblem with.
Next it will be cmparing someone or likening them to a Nazi, just because they have an opinion of their own.”

Mg, I am not sure whether you made it on purpose, but you by yourself manage to destroy the forum and disgust lots of people who do not post anymore here. I agree that persons like Angie are not of the pleasant type, but you are the most agressive and mindless person I have met on any forums.

You either had a goal of wrecking this forum or you simply have issues and this forum has offered to you a cheap way to vent your frustration.

Anyway, this really is the last time when I post on this forum so mg, do not bother to offend me as you would be ignored forever.