Re: Re: Tide turning for Spain’s economy?



I missed the last part of your post concerning the possible sale of Castellon airport, with the projection of a 1,200 job creation scheme. The 200 million price tag seems low, but who cares if 1,200 jobs are created.

It’s just what Valencia needs, it’s biggest white elephant proving the experts from elsewhere wrong.

I would still be surprised if it works, Castellon doesn’t have much going for it apart from growing oranges, tourism and fishing, with the small airport of Valencia and the massive one at Alicante already serving the regions needs.

It seems strange that they’re keeping the buyers secret, but it would make an ideal base for the US military with only the Mediterranean separating them from their next most likely target. (If they’re allowed to fly over their friend’s airspace in the Middle East.)

Their giant base at Frankfurt has proved to be too far from the shores of the Indian ocean and the UK bases are even further away.