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When I say sleepy, it was a sleeping giant, five times bigger than the UK.

I know you refuse to use the Internet to find out facts, but can you look at a map and see that Spain is NOT FIVE TIMES BIGGER THEN THE UK.

Spain is TWICE as big as the UK, and it cannot be called a giant. Besides anything else, its only has the same amount of water as the UK so its growth prospects are limited.

Your first point may be valid, but hard to understand your second..Spain, like the UK, is surrounded by water.
Spanish companies are among the global leaders in desalination technology

“It’s not simply that Spain is a world leader in desalination; it’s that our companies are the top players, and are building the biggest desalination plants,” says Antonio Dorado, chairman of Sadyt, the water division of Sacyr-Vallehermoso, which runs plants in Chile, Israel and Australia.