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…… you can buy a decent legal villa with at least four bedrooms, a swimming pool and large garden, bathed in sunshine for most of the year in Spain.

But no job within 500km

Ha ! Quite true. 300k in the UK will buy you a splendid place outside of London, in areas where professionals can readily earn over £50k a year.

The harsh reality is, the Spanish property market is in an abysmal state. Terrible build quality, crumbling infrastructure, those that are not new builds are generally of poor design and unsuitable for modern living. Lack of liquidity in the market, very high initial buying costs (taxes), very high selling costs (taxes). Very real risks that can leave you bankrupt. An overhand of 2m unsold properties. A crash waiting to happen. Chance of a collapsing currency. High chance of social disorder (halting of long term unemployment payments).

Rocker, out of interest, do you work in the property business?

No, I don’t work in the property industry, but I work from home and can operate anywhere with internet access. My interest in property, especially in Spain, stems from my ownership of a property here and a smaller property in the UK.

I agree with your analysis of the Spanish property market, you even missed out on what I consider the most negative factor, the horrible corruption that is involved at every level of the industry in Spain.

But the point I was making, which I couldn’t easily think of, was that, if you’re really careful, you can still get far more for your money in Spain, taking onboard the fact that jobs are extremely hard to find – if you need one.

If you’ve carefully researched all your options, and perhaps tested the waters by renting first, you could find a suitable home in Spain that will cost a lot less than in the UK, and I readily admit that my main reason for coming to Spain was the climate and the cheapness, in that order, with the guest-friendliness of Spanish people coming a close third.

And the UK is only two hours away, with dozens of flights every day.