Re: Re: The truth about retiring in Spain


I’m going to be Devil’s Advocate here. Lots of what is there is very true but most people just don’t want to think about it. ?

I would guess that the main group of people who moved to the sun to retire over the past 10 years were early/mid 60’s. I do also wonder what is going to happen when they get into their 80’s or 90’s and they will be finding things a lot more difficult. Retirement ‘communes’ full of Brits is the only way I can see as a solution, but not the greed that came with the property boom. There should be decently priced places where people pay a rent and stay there in the sunshine but with the support of carers and other english speakers around them until their last days. Many people don’t want, or can’t, return to the UK, and after time away it would have changed from when they were last there anyway.

It’s sad that the British all seem to want to con one another. Why can’t there be cheap retirement homes set up in exchange for a property which, say, a current widow cannot sell but that she doesn’t feel safe living in by herself. She should be able to swop her flat/house in Spain (even one of those illegal ones) for the care until her last days. People just can’t sell at the moment. So many think that the prices will drop and drop, yes from the banks i’m sure they will as the banks can take the hit. How can a person drop 80/90% of their property price as where will they go afterwards? They might be able to rent for a while but what if that pot of money runs out? They could rent for 200 euros but when you add bills, food etc. it would be a tricky living.

I in my mid 30’s hopefully have a while to go before I have to think more about it but I worry that too many British people in Spain moved out with good health and have their heads in the sand about what they are actually going to do if their health suffers. How many would know who to call, what to do if a loved one died? Funerals are usually within 24 hours in Spain, would they rush through and not give family time to get there from the UK? What will the remaining person do alone?

It does worry me and I think that the British Consulate and the local British newspapers need to highlight that a good number of people out in Spain need to have a realistic think about ‘what will happen one day’.

But, maybe the first message was a bit harshly put and a bit too scaremongering…… ?