Re: Re: The true level of unemployment in Spain


Off he goes again 😆 😆

Now Stevie aka DBM you are the one who wants his cake and eat it methinks:

You’ve lived and worked in Spain Tefl for a short while, didn’t work out so back to Blighty.

You want to live in Spain again, not sure if it’s Madrid or Valencia or somewhere else, a bit like your multiple aliases it’s lurching somewhat.

You know unemployment in Spain is 3 times that of UK’s which makes it difficult to get a job at best of times but since you’re wrong side of 50 even worse.

You talk the Spanish economy and market up but insist it’s a good time to buy for others whilst hoping prices keep falling for your benefit.

You like the UK so much that if you are brave enough to make a move to Spain, you want an area say of Madrid with English style gardens and greenery with mountain views in the suburbs, whilst at the same time a short stroll to an Irish Pub, you can’t leave Blighty and it’s familiarity can you? Let’s face it, you don’t know what you really want do you?

In psychological terms this is a classic case of ‘looping’ you keep going round in circles 🙄

Not forgetting that you say something and mean another, quote ‘I will ignore you from now on’ but you can’t can you, and then you let yourself down by name calling and trying to say others have multiple aliases too? What are you like? 🙄