Re: Re: The true level of unemployment in Spain


@angie wrote:

I noticed he confused us two (me and katy) Hybrid 😆

Well not really – you both sing from the same hymn sheet. When you send pms to each other do you discuss your latest tactics?

Here’s what Katy said (!) on the Swedes thread

Yes I really would question them, there are many other stats that conflict with these. There are no accurate figures coming out of Spain.

You’re both guilty of trying to have your cake and eat it. Believe the figures when bad (no good crying, but it was on OlivePress or another site – where do you think they get their figures???), but discount them when the figures improve… No point discussing figures with that attitude?

Still, not long now before you accuse the new poster Hybrid of being an agent or an imposter… that’s what you normally do, isn’t it Angie?