Re: Re: the taylor problem


@UBEDA wrote:

Aunty Val and Shakeel; you are both right – however i do not believe a law firm gave the green light knowing the “house” falls in this protected area – I use the word law firm – Did they use one? A Spanish registered one ? or a Brit masquerading as a conveyancing expert in cahoots with some tin pot Brit masquerading as an agent ???

Also, why haven’t the Taylor’s taken legal action against their legal advisor?? all very fishy if you ask me ?

I don’t know what the position is of the Taylors but the trouble is not that we left our brains on the plane – it is surely that most of us expect that when European well qualified professionals tell you something it is likely to be true. There are those of us who bought off plan from the largest property company in Europe (rated on the stock exchange) – used local lawyers who were also buying on said developments only to find there are no bank guarantees and no ways of recooping deposits. I feel as numb as I am sure the Taylos do – after all this is Spain not some third world place where you might expect corruption and poor standards to be rife. I obviously did leave my brains somewhere – too trusting by half – never again. I am truly wary now – and still without the property I want.