Re: Re: The state of the property market in Camposol Urbanisatio



I’ve been thinking about this. The problem is that maybe there are people who have decided that they have to be positive. We can all write on a forum telling the truth or a pack of lies but there are people who are going through hell with regards to property.

They have probably paid their whole life savings into a place which is now worthless. They read/hear/see on the tv/radio/web that the Spanish property market has crashed, that property is worthless.

I’ve seen a few people just break down from the stress. The daily grind of wanting to change things, to turn back the clock, to have sold years ago. One has moved back to the UK after finally being lucky enough to hand their keys back. Losing everything they’d spent. Another is sitting it out but their mental state isn’t great, they are hating life and it’s very sad. Another person who I sort of knew actually commited suicide leaving three young children. I not going to start judging the rights and wrongs of that but just to prove that the situation is very serious, more serious that the casual observer would probably even begin to imagine.

Maybe these people are talking up the area because it is the only way to keep them sane. They have realised that they have to get by each day the best they can. If they’ve put all their savings into a property and then live on a state pension what are they to do? Sell their property for 10k? Move to a rented studio flat up north in the UK? Maybe it’s just a little bit easier to stay in their place in Spain and try to talk positively about it. Hoping that things will get better?

It’s not a great situation for many people. In Mazzaron there is a ‘country club’ which was when the dreaded Almanzora Country Club near my town went pear shaped that the company shipped people off to Mazzaron. Shameful the way that the corruption was left unregulated and is still pretty much in the dark.

There are too many people who are living in a ‘homes from hell’ situation. Those back in the UK seem to sneer and laugh and say ‘we told you so’ just as if all of us who bought in Spain had been laughing about the mugs back in the UK. I think all those who were ever laughing were those who bought off plan in Spain pre boom and then sold up during the boom and made their money. They are laughing. Those stuck there definately aren’t. I think that it is shocking that British Government has done so little. They’ll send millions in aid to other countries but have ignored their own people. People who have usually paid their whole lives into the British system just to spend their last savings on a retirement in the sun. Why has there been nothing official from the Government asking about British subjects in Spain? The Ecudorian President supported his people and their troubles in the Spanish property market a few months ago.

What can be done? How can the nightmare come to an end? What is the solution?