Re: Re: The Spanish Property Market in 2012?


By the numbers, there is so much downward pressure on property values. Why is it that they have not tanked?

Spain Bad Loans Ratio Surges to 11.23% as Defaults Climb

Bad loans as a proportion of total lending at Spanish banks climbed to a record 11.23 percent in October as the country’s economic slump led more companies and homeowners to miss credit payments.

The proportion rose from 10.71 percent in September as 7.4 billion euros ($9.8 billion) of loans soured in the month to take the total of doubtful credit in the banking system to 189.6 billion euros, the Bank of Spain said on its website today. The mortgage default rate jumped to 3.49 percent in the third quarter from 3.16 percent in the second quarter, the Bank of Spain said.