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Lavapies sounds idyllic, a bit like Hackney 😆 Didn’t they have a few problems last summer? Looked but couldn’t find the link. Saw this

“Main complaints….loud music, general dirtiness…2 or 3 families living in 30M2. 3 weeks special Police operation saw more than a 1000 detained and 100 weapons siezed” 😯

Could be a good investment though. Buy a studio and rent it out to 3 families 8)

Not too bright a comparison 🙄 , although both Chopera (“colourful”) and myself (“a certain reputation”) alluded to the reputation of Lavapies. Hackney is known by most Londoners as a place of muggings, shootings and killings – I know people who’ve worked there and witnessed murders. You only need to look at the headlines for the last week (not try and confuse folk with a webpage from a year ago, like you did)“A teenager has appeared in court charged with the murder of a young mother found dead in a car.”

You can’t debate can you Stevie, always has to be a personal attack for my posts. No intention to confuse, was just an overview of the area which I suppose hasn’t changed in 1 year! Are you saying those 1000 detained were innocent?