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have just returned from 2 weeks in spain and where i stayed in moraira i saw no sign of the masses of scandinavian buyers just the normal german, dutch, french and a few swiss.Didn’t seem to be as many brits around as in previous years.There seems to be signs of quite large discounts now being applied to some properties too.

Sounds quite promising. Moraira/Javea is the nearest decent (ish) coastal area to Madrid (where I live) so I’m tracking it quite a bit. I’ve seen quite a lot of villas have €100k knocked off their asking prices (down from around €400k to around €300k) but they still seem to take several months to shift (if they do shift at all). If asking prices drop by another €50k to say €250k then I might start making offers for less than €200k. If not then for me it makes more sense to rent.

i’d say renting deffinatley still makes more sence as people are lowering the rental prices to make sure of lets,i rented a 3 bed villa with pool for 2 weeks so paid holiday let prices but even then it was only £800 a week which is good for a 3 bed normally expect around the £1100 mark in the summer holidays