Re: Re: The Spanish property market in 2010


Petej posted this in the Regional forum. I think it’s important enough to be highlighted in this thread.

Until Spain addresses this disgusting and criminal-type behaviour, the Spanish property market doesn’t deserve to have a single penny more of people’s hard-earned money invested there. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to EVER recover.

Where is the so-called Spanish pride, knowing this goes on? Why are they so mute?
Am getting a bit tired of reading how much Spain has achieved a la marjal. This is nothing short of legalised crime that should only be expected in countries like Zimbabwe.

And please, no lectures about Franco’s era and how Spain is “only a young democracy”…..the usual excuses. 🙄

Personally, I would tell Breviator SL to get stuffed – there must be a good similar equivalent in Spanish.
And buyers beware, by a developer being able to “cherry-pick the best of the old LRAU and the replacement LUV laws in asking for an outrageous amount of money”, know this can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Well done petej for highlighting this, the sordier side of owning a property in Spain. Sunshine and Sangria is no compensation for this.