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The foreigners will still come over to buy at the cheaper end, but Marbella and places like it will die.

And when it is the Costa Blanca and Murcia where all the truly awful and tragic build has happened, where all the really cheap and nasty properties are.

Oh dear, you are so wrong Rocker, it is hard to credit really, you really are so wrong, Marbella will actually thrive, as before, because everywhere else is so cheap and nasty by comparison. People go for quality and thankfully Marbella does have that in abundance, along with the odd naff project that was misguidedly built.

I agree with Chris here. Marbella is not my scene anymore but we looked around various places with a view to moving and still prefered it to anywhere else on the Costas. It also has a huge attraction for many other nationalities plus many Northern spaniards have 2nd homes there. The centre still remains very spanish and it is a lovely place to wander around. I have been visiting marbella since before I can remember as Grandfather had a place there, later on my parents. It has had it’s ups and downs before and come out winning. I don’t want to go back there (too many changes for me 🙁 but it still has much more going for it than a few urbanisations around a purpose built golf course in the middle of nowhere.