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There is also another point that I would look into: Is all the SCB that bad? Many parts of Santa Pola, La Marina, El Altet are lovely areas. The urbanisation La Marina is in San Fulgencio, and has little or nothing to do with La Marina town. El Altet is in the same place as the airport and is also a lovely place. La Marina and Guardamar share an enormous pinetree forest (it’s still there). Now I have mentioned 4 towns which I think are great but all the negative comes just from Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa (Orihuela town itself is a historical and well looked after place). Why are we judged on these two towns?
Is it down to the agents, permissive townhalls or the lack of objective information about the Costa Blanca?

No, all the SCB is not that bad, Ciudad Quesada is for me a little too closely packed but if you were to stay/buy there I am sure you will enjoy your time with Guardamar being the nearest beach just a short bus trip away.

Many of the places you mention are also nice, there can be no denying that the area is heavily built up which is not for me but some will like that as some will like Benidorm in the north.

The problem IMO is the perception/rumours that its all bad, as I said in my earlier post the hole area was being rubbished to me by some people that had never been there, its fine to say you don’t like somewhere if you have seen it and given it a chance but not if you haven’t been there 🙁

Fortunately I have been up/down/round Spain many times so can make my own mind up but there are many UK buyers that wont/don’t so will exclude it from there viewing lists without seeing if its right for them