Re: Re: The Spanish property market in 2010


@marjal wrote:

Yes Mark, I agree absolutely about the low price bracket demand. I am in Guardamar (not La Marina), which although close to Torrevieja, is a different ball game all together. We seem unable to attract the mid-high buyer from the UK market, these prefering to go to Altea, Calpe or Costa del Sol or Mallorca. I would understand due to location but we don’t have the same attitude with Dutch, Russians or Belgian clients which seems strange.
CAM banks repos and Bancaja have made huge efforts to off load (what I consider) below standard resales which has a market certain markets.
People are still getting old in the UK and the weather is still good in Spain, so there is a type of buyer that will move out at all costs no matter where they have to live as long as they can afford it and their pension allows them to get by.

this has been one of the problems people moving out at all costs,now pensions don’t go as far, so they need to keep some of the capital they have to live on.So they go to the cheaper areas.The ones who can afford it go to the nicer areas (although i would not now class calpe as one of these,my in laws had a place in appollo 5 and from their balcony you could see the rock,salt flats flamingos etc now all you can see is villas and tower blocks)