Re: Re: The Spanish Economy



I agree with the opinions in that article, it’s another way of saying the Spanish workers think the world owes them a living. It could equally apply to France. Wealth creators and risk takers are seen in Europe now as villains, the workers innocent hard done to saints.

It’s not the complaining, grumpy socialists who will lead Europe back to prosperity. It’s not taxing and regulating an economy to death that will create a single productive and secure job.

I do fear that the politics of Europe is now polarising. Extremists such as Marine Le Pen and Wilders are gaining strength. It’s inevitable in troubled economic times.

Hollande will turn France back to the left and turn back the clock, creating more useless public sector employment and enforcing the 35 hour week.

Spain has a great deal more pain to follow until it’s work force realise, shock horror, they actually have to get off their backsides and work hard for a living.