Re: Re: The Spanish Economy


Ardun, you say they might be a big part of the problem and you and Chris might not care, but a huge amount of people and markets do care it seems. Back to the problem, well it was the Banks themselves (greedy investment Bankers) who were the largest part of the problem, followed by poor regulators not doing their jobs, the Ratings Agencies can’t be blamed for the initial problems, anyone with half a brain could see this was going to happen when the likes of ‘Goldman Sucks’ were dishing out obscene bonuses for greed (even failure) over 10 years ago. I raised this point then but no-one even listened in the UK.

The Agencies are simply stating the obvious in case anyone was still naive enough to think it wasn’t happening IMO 😆

Back to the Eurozone, how was it really expected to work with so many cultures, tongues, balance of assets, different levels of corruption etc etc? 🙄