Re: Re: The Spanish Economy



“I agree with the opinions in that article, it’s another way of saying the Spanish workers think the world owes them a living. It could equally apply to France”.

Agree 100%. You just have to speak to the people who are employed by the state. This is why the young people wants to work for the state. Hardly an endorsement of the youth & their energy to be burried under paper & rubber stamping.

” Wealth creators and risk takers are seen in Europe now as villains,”

They have always been seen as one. As a result rules, regulations all & sundry are set up to deter wealth creators and all other matters around them. This is also one of the reasons that the corruption is so high. The risk takers are well aware that their instincts have to be short lived and as such get the best rewards legitimate or no not in the shortest possible time.

“the workers innocent hard done to saints.”
This has always been the case. At present it is more transparent.

“It’s not the complaining, grumpy socialists who will lead Europe back to prosperity.”

They live off the wealth created by the others & the policies of the non socialists.

” It’s not taxing and regulating an economy to death that will create a single productive and secure job”

It creates jobs & that is all they care. Wheter the jobs are sustainable, productive & adds to the GDP of the Country is not how they see it.

” I do fear that the politics of Europe is now polarising. Extremists such as Marine Le Pen and Wilders are gaining strength. It’s inevitable in troubled economic times”

Indeed. Immigrations takes all the flack. What they dont tell the people that the jobs the immigrant do the locals will not do it. If the present crises was not here EU needed 2.4million people to sustain its pre crises growth. As the birth rate has fallen in EU & continue to do so. Where is the work force going to come from when the economy recovers.

“Hollande will turn France back to the left and turn back the clock, creating more useless public sector employment and enforcing the 35 hour week.”

Knowing the French & that the world owes them a living becase they are French while continue their long lunches etc. My instincts are with you.

“Spain has a great deal more pain to follow until it’s work force realise, shock horror, they actually have to get off their backsides and work hard for a living”

This will not happen. As Spaniards will lower their standrard of living and carry on with the copa & fiesta mentality. If questioned their stock answer of ” mala suerte” !!!!