Re: Re: The Spanish Economy



Chris I do understand your point and maybe my statement was a tad harsh.
However I write from experience. I have been an employer of labour in Spain as well as France and the UK.
In Spain workers will not take any responsibility for the standard of work they do. Their attitude is if it’s wrong then it’s the supervisor/managers fault for not checking it. They seek to do the minimum within their pay grade and don’t ever expect any initiative.

The system is very hierarchical the attitude is the next person up the line is the one who always takes the decisions and carries the responsibility because they get more pay. An attitude of ‘Not me Gov’ prevails in the culture. The average Spanish worker is fine if you tell him what to do and leave him the whole day or week to do it. Ask anything more and they are stuffed.

Employing people in Europe is incredibly expensive and therefore value is essential. It’s very hard to find. If you can get it hold on to it as hard as you can.

It’s been a while, to be fair since I was an active employer but I don’t believe the culture has changed significantly.