Re: Re: The Spanish Economy


Chris M

@logan wrote:

Spain has a great deal more pain to follow until it’s work force realise, shock horror, they actually have to get off their backsides and work hard for a living.

I think this is a bit harsh.

How many people are sitting on their backsides in the UK? How many people are receiving Housing Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, Child Benefit? How many of them have Plasmas, Sky TV and X boxes in their living room and may not only have not worked in the past couple of years but in many cases decades?

Spanish people don’t have this outstanding benefit system when their Paro has expired, they have nothing and no option but to get off their backsides or use up their own savings or rely upon family. If you ask me, better to look at whole benefit culture in the UK rather than have a pop at genuinely suffering Spanish worker.

I have no love of the Spanish labour laws, and plenty to say about how they negatively impact upon business growth or development, but I don’t think you can blame that on the Spanish work force really.

As an employer, entrepreneur, investor whatever Logan, don’t you think Spain has a far better system than the UK, no work – no pay. As business people, given that people desperately need work and want to do well, maybe it is up to us to work within the system and make it work for us. But lets not knock the man on the street who is unemployed, before we take a good look at ourselves.